1. A Shout Out to the Gym Buddies

    You have been working on your fitness, and are finally seeing progress despite many previous failed attempts. What’s your secret? Your gym buddy! Just like salt and pepper and Calvin and Hobbes, you guys just go together. Regardless of whether you go running together, attend the same yoga class, or hit the gym at the same time every day, this person is your number-one cheerleader on your fitness…Read More

  2. Habits to Make Your Mornings Better

    Many people wake up in the morning filled with dread at the idea of getting out of bed. They will hit their snooze button five or six times, silently wishing for just another five minutes of rest. They might even fantasize about fast-forwarding through their day so they can return to their bed. Then, they have to hurry, grab a doughnut at the drive-thru, and will still be late to work. Understanda…Read More

  3. Part Two: 20 Workout Tips for Beginners—Staying Motivated

    Part one of our workout article for beginners focused on safety. Staying safe is important regardless of your fitness level, so be sure to refer back to those tips as you progress through your fitness goals. In part two of the series we’re focusing on staying motivated and reaching goals. It is tough to create a new habit, no matter what it is. And a new routine that requires you to get up earl…Read More

  4. Part One: 20 Workout Tips for Beginners—Staying Safe

    Regular exercise makes you feel better, helps you think more clearly, and can improve how you feel about yourself. It can also help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, stave off the onset of type II diabetes, and reduce the effects of age-related ailments like arthritis. Whatever your reasons for wanting to start an exercise routine, you can do it successfully. The team at One80 Fitness h…Read More

  5. Gym Etiquette for Newbies

    Maybe you’ve finally decided that you’re going to get in shape this year. You shop around, find a gym you like, and get a membership set up. After that, you can just go, work out, and do your thing, right? Well, not exactly. A gym is a public place, meaning that you’ll be utilizing the facility with other like-minded people. When you get started at a gym, a staff member should take the time …Read More

  6. Tips for Strength Training

    One of the things we love about working out is the wide variety of motivations you’ll see. There are a number of reasons to go to a 24 hour gym. Maybe you just want to drop a few pounds. Maybe you want to increase your stamina. But for a lot of us, the allure of the gym is about weight training. We get it because strength training is an enormously effective type of exercise that can help you to …Read More

  7. Yes or No – Is Mobility That Important?

    One of the biggest mistakes women and men make when working out consistently with a personal trainer or on their own isn’t getting too caught up in fitness, but not giving their body the important physical attributes of mobility. Mobility should be a big part of everyone’s gym routine, whether you’d like to admit it or not. During your 20s… When you’re 20-something, you can probably get…Read More

  8. Why You Should Be Foam Rolling

    A lot of trends come and go in the gym, but sometimes a trend comes along that's actually really great a deserves a permanent spot in your gym routine. One of those trends is foam rolling. You may have seen foam rolling happening in our Hattiesburg gym or in an online video and wondered what it's all about and whether or not it's really beneficial. Take a minute to learn some more about this uniqu…Read More

  9. Tips to Help You Stay Fit at Your Desk

    More and more jobs are requiring us to sit at our desks or 8, 9, or even 10 or more hours a day. Unfortunately, your job could be (literally!) killing you. That kind of sedentary lifestyle that all-too-often comes with a desk job is bad for your health. It's linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke along with obesity, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. So what can you do…Read More